Me, myself and I

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My name is Jukka  Lehtinen

I have had photography and building websites as hobbies, not equally long, but quite some time already. I bought my first Canon SLR-camera over 30 years ago, then almost forgot the good old hobby, but when digital world appealed to me, picked it up again some 15 years ago. Actually from 2005 I have 253 images in my Lightroom catalog, but after that it has been more per year… Building websites came along the digital era and started as a private project, wanted to show myself that it can’t be impossible. During the years I have learned a lot ( I think 🙂 , and of course the tools for building websites have also improved and made it easier.

If someone might be interested in, here is a short introduction: married, soon 50 something, living in Finland, approximately 50 km North from Helsinki, the capital. I work in our own company focused on solar shading, blinds and awnings. I live in the countryside with my wife Sari. I am a fan of Africa and Italy, so its wildlife, safaris, tasty food, wines and a good life. I also love to be outdoors, no matter if its here in our backyard, in Lapland or further away. And of course have my Canon at hand. Hope you enjoy my photos. And as you can guess English is not my native language, and it is not as fluent or comprehensive as I would like to, but I will do my very best.

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